It’s hard to know just by looking at it, but silver is much more than it appears to be. It is naturally antimicrobial and has many health benefits. Many of these benefits are explained in the article “Silver: Much More Than A Precious Metal.”


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  1. Melanie says:

    I like your website a great deal, and will refer people to it in the future.

    I work as an infection preventionist in a long-term care facility in the Midwest.

    We use silver-tipped urinary catheters for patients who require long-term catheterization. It helps to prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infections in people who already have bladder problems. Anyone who has a catheter inserted into the bladder is also at very high risk for developing an infection due to the invasive equipment.

    We also use silver-containing products to treat certain wounds that have become infected, or if the person is highly susceptible to infections. It is also great for burn injuries (Silva-sorb, Silvadene are two products that come to mind).

    Silver is a great antimicrobial product, as well as pretty to look at!

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