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LA Times Festival Of Books 201204.28.12

How To Be A Germophobe, Avoiding Sickness In Today’s Germy World” was recently featured in the LA Times Festival of Books. Over 130,000 people attended. The picture to the left is a page from the catalog that was available free of charge for attendees to take home. My book is on page 7 out of 72! I’m so glad it wasn’t buried somewhere in the back. This will get noticed!

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$5 off $25 At BarnesAndNoble.com06.23.11

Barnes & Noble is offering a $5 discount off a $25 order with free shipping. The code is: T8N9D3C. It is good through June 27th. Use this code to buy How To Be A Germophobe today and stay healthy!

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Flat Tire Repair02.02.11

Yesterday when I got into my Toyota Corolla, I noticed that the low tire pressure light was on again. I just put air in one of the tires about a week ago. I decided I’d better get it checked out. I went over to my local Les Schwab Tire store for a flat repair. Their service was great. They found a nail in the tire and repaired it for me.

As I was waiting, at first I sat in their waiting area. They had self-serve popcorn, coffee, and hot chocolate. It didn’t look very sanitary so I didn’t go anywhere near it. There was a family with three small kids waiting as well. They had two little girls and a baby boy that they let crawl all over the floor. Even before becoming a ”germophobe,” I never let my kids crawl on the floor in public places. All of their kids were sick. I didn’t notice until the baby started coughing. I got up and moved to a different area. The little girls were going around the showroom touching everything. They were also putting their hands in their mouths. They were not only spreading their germs everywhere, but probably picking up some new ones.

Sometimes, I truly believe that society in general needs a good education about how germs are spread and how to be careful. My book is an excellent resource for that. I still see the majority of people out there coughing into their hands (if they bother covering it at all) and then touching everything. If everyone was more careful, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about what is safe to touch in public. I recently got a pair of antibacterial, antimicrobial gloves from that are not only practical, but comfortable and cute. I’m glad there are products out there that provide protection in public places.

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"How To Be A Germophobe; Avoiding Sickness In Today’s Germy World" Now On Kindle and Nook!08.19.10

My “How To Be A Germophobe” book is now available for purchase on Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook for only $3.95!

In this day and age of ever increasing super bugs it pays to be careful. This book is an excellent resource for avoiding germs. It was inspired by my family’s experience with the superbug MRSA.

I am currently in the finishing stage of an ebook that details my experience fighting MRSA and everything we did to ultimately beat it. Doctors say that once you have it, you will always have it. We have proven that wrong.

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Coming Soon: “How I Beat MRSA” E-book07.27.10

I am finishing up an ebook titled “The Fear, The Fight & The Cure, My Battle With MRSA” which will soon be available for purchase. In this ebook, I tell my story about my family’s ordeal fighting this bacteria. This includes everything we did and everything we used to ultimately find a cure. I would love to add your stories as well! Please leave a comment telling your story.

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Now Avalable On And!!10.07.09


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Now Available For Purchase!09.18.09

How To Be A Germophobe is now available for purchase at this link through Author House Publishing.

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Coming Soon!09.11.09

Watch for my “How To Be A Germophobe” book soon to be released!
Inside you will find 36 different categories of germophobia complete with pictures.
Here is a sample of what’s inside:
“Drinking Fountains:
If at all possible, avoid the drinking fountain. They get a lot of backwash from a lot of people and, generally, are not sanitized. Carry a water bottle with you instead. If you absolutely must drink from a fountain, let the water run a little while first. As a back up, take an immunity-boosting supplement as soon as possible after drinking from a fountain.”
These tips and many more will be available in my book. It pays to be extra careful about avoiding germs in this day and age. Cold and flu season is just around the corner.

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