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Sometimes You Just Have to Shake Your Head01.12.19

Lately, I’ve been struggling to get motivated to create new posts because it seems like it’s an unpopular topic with a very small following. Then I go out to a public place, observe a few people, become horrified, and get my germ fighting energy renewed. Whether this post reaches many or few, it’s worth sharing.

Here’s what I have to “shake my head” about:

I went to a local grocery store yesterday to pick up a few things. This was a very short trip but horrifying all the same. As I walked toward the produce section an adult woman, who was walking toward me, coughed without making any attempt whatsoever to cover her mouth. Ewww! I quickly detoured to the right and made a big circle around her. As I made my way to the back of the store, past the cheese to where the tortillas are located, there was a family consisting of a man, a woman and a small child. Just as I walked by, and right in front of the child, the adult man sneezed twice all over the tortilla display without making any attempt to cover his mouth. Gross! What kind of example is that for a child?! I’m definitely not buying tortillas anytime soon from that store. On to the frozen section, I saw another adult man coughing all over his hand then handling frozen items with the same hand. I’ll give him minor credit for actually covering his mouth but then he had to spread his germs all over the frozen food. Hopefully the cold temperature in the freezer will kill them quickly.

For such a quick trip (I bought 3 things and did not wander through the aisles) it was unbelievable to me the carelessness that I observed in such a short period of time. Do these people think that all of us deserve to catch whatever they have? Heck, even when I sneeze from allergies, I ALWAYS cover my mouth with the inside of my elbow because other people don’t know if it’s from an actual cold or not. It’s common courtesy and my mission in life is to make it common sense.

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Germ Fighting Arsenal11.10.18

Wintertime is upon us and with it comes a plethora of infectious germs that seem to spread more easily due to spending more time indoors. From airborne germs to fomites (surfaces that spread germs), colds, the flu, stomach bugs, etc. seem to gain the advantage during winter months. Is there anything that can be done about it?


I have methods that I have successfully used for many years now. I’ve worked in retail, office settings, a medical office, and currently with K-12 students in theĀ public school system. I have been exposed to plenty of germs. These methods have worked well for me.

The number one prevention method should be the most obvious one – wash your hands regularly. If you have been out and about touching things, don’t touch your face unless you have clean hands. Be aware of surfaces that are likely to be contaminated with germs, such as doorknobs, railings, grocery cart handles, gas pumps, etc. Avoid touching them if you can. If not, wash your hands! For more details, you can purchase my published book here.

Vitamin C is a well-known immunity booster. Taking vitamin C or any of the many immunity-boosting supplements on the market today, especially when you know you’ve been exposed to something, is another great prevention method.

Essential oils are antimicrobial. This means that they kill both viruses and bacteria. They can be diffused into the air, used topically or, if they are medical grade, some can be taken orally. OnGuard by doTerra is a good one for either diffusing or taking orally, although the cinnamon does make it a little hot.

Colloidal silver is also antimicrobial. It can be taken orally and is also effective for eye infections if sprayed into the eye. It is not recommended to make your own colloidal silver or take excessive amounts because there is a minute possibility of it turning your skin blue. However, if used as directed, you shouldn’t have any problems. It can be purchased at your local health-food store or online.

If you know you have been exposed to something or you feel like you are coming down with something, the above methods are generally effective in either preventing illness altogether or keeping it minimal. The worst I’ve personally experienced in recent years is having a scratchy, raw throat for a day or two and I do not get flu shots. Individual results will vary to some degree.

As always, be well and stay well.






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