Past Post: Hotel Rooms, A Necessary Evil

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Here’s a past post that is perfect for the summer (or any) travel season.

Originally posted July 7, 2012

When I was young, I liked staying in hotels. It was an adventure staying in new places, and it still is to a degree. Now, I consider hotels, motels, and inns something to be endured if you travel. Ideally, I would like to have a big truck that could haul a big camping trailer so I can bring my own “hotel room” with me.

I recently returned from a cross-country trip to visit my Mom and other relatives. I stayed with relatives as much as possible since staying in someone’s home is much cleaner than staying in a hotel. It was also free. On the way east, our first stop was a hotel in Goodland, Kansas. This was a low budget trip so I booked the least expensive hotels I could find. Customer reviews on this hotel said that it was old but clean, good for a sleep and go. That’s all I wanted anyway. Well, it was old, which doesn’t bother me, but it wasn’t particularly clean, which does bother me. Actually, the place was a dump. The first thing I did in every hotel room was a bed bug inspection. Fortunately, they all passed.

Our second stop was a hotel in Chesterfield, Missouri. My daughter attended an event at Logan College of Chiropractic there and the school paid for two nights in a hotel. We stayed at the Drury Inn and Suites. It was the nicest hotel we stayed at during the entire trip. Everything seemed clean, although certain precautions need to be taken at any hotel like wiping the remote control, checking for bed bugs, etc. They served a hot breakfast and also a dinner. The only thing missing was hand sanitizer in the food area. You have to handle all of the utensils to serve your food. I used my own hand sanitizer. None of the hotels I stayed in had hand sanitizer in the food areas.

After Chesterfield, MO, I arrived at my Mom’s house and stayed there for almost a week. Her house is spotless, nothing to worry about there. Over the weekend, we drove to West Virginia for a family reunion. We stayed at a hotel in Lewisburg, WV. It was a decent hotel room but I noticed that there was still soap residue in the shower and the shower curtain was rather gross. I wish I had remembered to bring some flip-flops or water shoes for the shower. We stayed two nights there. I left a $5 tip for the maid and a note asking her to change the sheets and pillowcases since the kids had knocked them onto the floor. The room was much cleaner that day and she actually put a new shower curtain in too! A little bribery and gratitude never hurts.

On the way home, we again stayed in low budget hotels. It looked like the cleaning staff only changed the sheets (hopefully), wiped the counters and bathroom fixtures and vacuumed. They didn’t even vacuum between the nightstand and the bed or next to the bed that is close to the wall. There were splatters down the walls from spilled drinks and the carpets in general were filthy. My daughter came up with a good idea. She took the plastic off of one of the cups and put it over the remote control (I couldn’t be more proud!). My younger kids walked around on the carpet for just a few minutes in their socks and they turned brown on the bottom. Ewww!

I am glad to be back in my own home and my own bed.

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