A New Beginning

Posted in Germ Fighting Life, MRSA on Jun 02, 2018

I have spent four of the last six years working hard to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education and Promotion with an emphasis in Community Health, and also becoming a Certified Health Education Specialist. I also served as president of the Nontraditional Student Association, went on a study abroad to Thailand, and interned at a local health department. Unfortunately, this blog/website has been severely neglected in the process.

After graduating, I went on to spend the last two years trying to find a job within my field only to have my hopes and dreams repeatedly crushed by people who don’t even know me.  I went from feeling elated and accomplished to feeling like a complete loser. Well, no more! I am in charge of my own success and I am DONE giving others that kind of power over my life. Enough is enough. I am hiring myself because I know what I am capable of.

I chose the degree that I have because of a family experience fighting MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus). MRSA is a drug-resistant staph infection that is highly contagious and very hard to beat. I am happy to say that we did ultimately overcome it and have had no relapses in over ten years.

My main interest in health promotion has to do with preventing the spread of all infectious diseases, including MRSA. This blog/website will be rebuilt based on all aspects of prevention, such as nutrition, boosting immunity, germ avoidance, airborne illnesses, etc. Optimum health is essential in fighting off infections. When it comes to infectious diseases, for the most part, they are preventable. When prevention fails, there are ways to minimize illness. Our purpose is to educate and inform so that you can be well and stay well.


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  1. April says:

    Thank you for posting this. Am interested in learning more. We had a skin infection on one child that has recurred twice. I need resources for overcoming.

  2. pam says:

    I would suggest having the skin infection tested to find out what is causing it. If it is staph or MRSA, I have re-posted the information that helped my family overcome it here http://www.germfighting.com/2018/07/10-mrsa-treatment-ideas-that-worked-2/.
    Thanks for your comment! I hope this helps.

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