The Drive Up Window At The Bank

Posted in Every Day Life, Public Places on Mar 10, 2011

When I go to the drive up window at my bank, I prefer the line right next to the window, even if it’s longer. Here’s why: I don’t have to touch anything. The bank┬áteller opens the drawer (or whatever it’s called) and I put my check inside. Then, the bank teller closes it. My hands remain clean! When the transaction is finished, the bank teller opens it again so I can get my receipt. If I need to sign for cash, I use my own pen, not the one they provide.

If you use the other drive up bank teller line, you have to remove the tube, put your check or money in, put it back, and then press a button for it to be sucked in to the bank. Then, you have to grab the tube again to retrieve your receipt and cash, if any. That’s a lot of commonly touched surfaces you’re handling. Your hands will need to be sanitized. The same applies to the ATM Machine. You have to touch the buttons and will need to sanitize your hands afterwards.

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